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An Art for Freedom-Warrior94 :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 3 4 Meet B1-557/Breacher :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 3 14 RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS -_- :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 2 35 MLP:FiM, B1 is great farmer (not :P) :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 4 0 SWAG Roger Roger! :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 4 0 MEET OUR PUPPY, TEMMIE :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 2 19 BX-227 and his Legionnaires Droids :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 2 4 MLP: FiM, B1 Battle Droid Pony with Armor :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 6 0 B1 meets Ender Colossus :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 2 0 MLP:FiM, B1 hanging out with Rainbow Dash :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 3 3 B1 as a Spartan-THIS IS SPARTA!!!(Or Separatist) :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 2 0 B1 wearing his Battle Helmet :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 4 0 BX and his Battle Helemt :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 3 0 BX's Battle Helmet :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 1 0 MEET MY NEW PUPPY! :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 1 4 B1's Battle Helmet! :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 2 0


Zootopian summer :iconofficer-judyhopps:Officer-JudyHopps 77 35 EGG PAINTING! :iconofficer-judyhopps:Officer-JudyHopps 24 19
Character QandA answers PART1
So, finally FINALLY (after some troublesome sickness and other health issues and dentist visits for more than a month now...) I managed to assemble the interviews with everyone, (have you any idea how hard is to have a date which is good for everyone when you have to invite guests from different galaxies and several alternate universes too...?) but finally everyone is here, ready to answer your questions! I have to apologize in advance if their answers prove to be unsatisfactory, inapropriate or god help us, rude... (I'm looking at you Aira-ty...) Yeah I'm definitely sorry for Aira-ty's behavior... *sigh*
Now lets start!
Aira-ty: Which armor that has ever come into your possession is your favorite?
Which one? Is this a real question? My beskar'gam of course! You could never find a better armor, it saved my life quite a few times.

Aira-ty: Do you prefer a lightsaber or blasters?

*snort* I would choose my blaster any time thank you...
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Meet B1-557/Breacher
Name: B1-557 or Breacher
Gender: Masculine Programming 
Species: Droid
Characteristics: Serious, Courageous, Strategist 

B1-557/Breacher was Created in Geonosis to serve the Conferency of Independence system to fight against the Galactic Republic. B1-557/Breacher is a standard B1 Battle Droid in the Droid Army, he is a military strategist, he's serious with his job and very Courageous. He fought against the republic for years, and many times he has been shot by the clones, sliced by Jedi and killed so many times in battle and but in the time in the war he lost his arm during the 2nd Battle of Geonosis. During his repairs he replace his arm with a Tactical Droid arm instead of a B1 Battle Droid arm. When the Genocide on geonosis happened he escape Geonosis after the surviving the genocide, he fled somewhere else in the Galaxy and met B1-224 and BX-227 in Tatooine and thats how far his story goes...for now (I also do a lot of crossover with this OC either in Video games or Movies)
MLP:FiM, B1 is great farmer (not :P)
Well, looks like he has a made his first mistake ever... good job B1 now you have to pay the damages you made

Applejack scowling owns by

backgrounds is from



B1BattleDroid's Profile Picture
My name is Jan/B1 Battle Droid, I'm from the Philippines in Manila and I love sketching and Drawing, i also love Star wars, My Little pony and Star wars Rebels, and sometimes do fan arts, and Crossovers but i hope you all enjoy my art and sketch. VIVE LA CIS!


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DANIOTHEMAN Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
B1 B1 we have a problem rainbow dash need's your help
B1BattleDroid Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
B1: HUH!!? *grabs you in the neck* TELL ME! WHATS HAPPENING WITH HER!
DANIOTHEMAN Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
sent in your Droids and kill this guy look
B1BattleDroid Featured By Owner Edited 1 hour ago
B1: *looks in horror and snapped with an angry glare, turns looks at Dan and pins him in the wall* WHERE IS THE LOCATION?!!!AND TELL ME WHY THE FUCK IS HE DOING THIS?!! WHAT DID SHE DO TO MAKE HIM ANGRY?!!! *looks at him with a Serious expression* 

(B1 usually snaps and gets angry when he sees someone who he loves gets hurt and don't worry B1 won't hurt Dan im not joking 
creepthesKARmy Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant
Hey there Jan! or should I say B1... as it says on the wanted poster
B1BattleDroid Featured By Owner 6 days ago
What poster? ;)
creepthesKARmy Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
I was hired by the empire back then as a bounty hunter, but seeing your purpose I guess I can help you by destroying evidence against the rebels :D
B1BattleDroid Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Lol but im not in a mood for doing roleplays for now, maybe later or such
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PastelDemon2003 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Kuya Gabe? dat you ?
creepthesKARmy Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
What else do you expect an artist whose profile pic isn't yet done? (I'm still creating it via 3D modeling)
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